About Us

Towards Nature in association with similar strategic partners (grass root level NGOs) is functional globally with offices in India, UK, & Africa region with an intention to improve education, environment, health, quality and standard of life for all.

Towards Nature is also involved in scientific awareness by Publication of research and conference proceedings related to its work activities as one of its functional initiatives i.e., Publication of research journal (Energy Environment and Health Conservation: An International Journal). Energy Environment and Health Conservation: An International Journal’ is an initiative of Towards nature for scientific awareness and research on Energy, health and environment conservation.

Towards Nature have well renowned team of expert on environment, energy, climate change and Healthcare systems. Towards Nature’s also works with Corporate partners (e.g., V CERT Management Services Private Limited International) to provide expert guidance services as advisory, training, and certification agency on Management systems (ISO 9001-Quality Management Systems; ISO 14001- Environment Management Systems; OHSAS 18001; ISO 50001- Energy; ISO 22001-FSMS and NABH for Hospitals).

Towards Nature Team

Towards Nature Team Towards Nature Team comprise of highly motivated and professional full of innovative thinking and ideas to support community and to bring a positive enhancement to environment, living safety and health standards. Team is globally active for national and international integration, environment, social unity, quality healthcare, women empowerment, capacity development and related community development services

Towards Nature associated Partner’s team comprise of competent ISO Lead Auditors, Trainers and advisors, for advocacy, advisory, training and certification of ISO Management Systems of Quality, Environment, Energy, Occupational Health & Safety, Quality Health Service (NABH/ JCI) etc. The team of Advisors, Scientist, Engineers, system designers, architects, researchers & Policy makers are expert in their field and support industry for various ISO Management Systems (QMS, EMS, OHSMS, EnMS, FSMS, ISMS etc,). Following are some activities that are advocated by Towards Nature:

  • Third party, Second party Auditing, Compliance Auditing, Gap Analysis
  • Development of documentation of management systems
  • Implementation of management systems-Leading to certification
  • Pollution Monitoring and Management
  • Facilitating Trainings to organisations’ on all management Systems
  • Environmental Aspect Impact Assessment; Business and Processes Risk Assessment; JSA; EIA; HIRA etc Studies.

Towards Nature team also collaborates on National and International projects on design, implementation, trainings on Hospitals and Health management systems (i.e., NABH, JCI etc.); including improving patient safety, quality of health care, Hospitals design, etc.

Some of Our Project Locations are India, Afghanistan, Mauritius, UAE, etc.Towards Nature team members are actively involved in projects and association in India, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Mauritius, Nepal, Madagascar, Kenya, Singapore, S. Korea, etc.

Towards Nature Fellowships

Towards Nature also supports the innovative and scientific research through our Research Grants & Fellowships in the following fields:

  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Sustainable Development
  • Education & Awareness of Energy & Science
  • Climate Change
  • Ozone depletion
  • Quality of Health Management Services
  • Hospital Management Services

Towards Nature believes that true and dedicative advocacy, Research & developments can leads to a better Environment and sustainability of our Earth leading to Sustained Resources Management. Hence as a part of our Social Responsibility and as Our Steps Towards Nature, We offer fellowships in the field of Environment, Energy, Health & Hospital management.

Towards Nature Fellowship (Environment)

Towards Nature believes in motivating researchers and hence promote or fund a minimum of one researcher for ‘Research in Environment; in a reputed University or institute. For more info WRITE TO US for funding support

Towards Nature Fellowship (Energy)

Towards Nature shall be funding a minimum of 1 Research Scholar for Research in Energy. For more info
WRITE TO US for funding support

Towards Nature Fellowship (Hospital/Health Management)

Towards Nature shall be funding a minimum of 1 Research Scholar for Research in Hospital or Health management. [for more info WRITE TO US for funding support