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Healthy Safe Environment - Newsletter is:

-an initiative to disseminate and share information’s and provides awareness on all issues related to Health, Safety and Environment. This Newsletter is a platform for informing mass on the activities of ‘Towards Nature’ with awareness on Health Safety and Environmental Issues around the Globe.
- Updated and uploaded on a quarterly Basis. Older version will be made available on the website for further reference. We look forward for a Safe and Healthy Interactions and information dissemination for general awareness.
- Inviting regularly, the Discussions and information in form of Articles, Short Notes, Write-ups from contributors.

Partners & promoter to this initiative of mass awareness on Health Safety and Environment are

1. Towards Nature is Patron to this newsletter and are involved in Not-for-Profit activities to conserve Environment with a motive to keep the Community safe and Healthy;

2. EEHC Energy Environment and Health Conservation: An International Journal is a budding Journal that publishes the original research from the Globe on Energy Environment and Health Conservation, and is published from UK now ;

3. VCERT Management Services Private Ltd is involved in Advisory (Consulting) Services on ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OHSAS 18001 related consultation. - Editors Editors can be contacted for information contribution and other discussions at:

Pioneer Environment related Institute in India

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, India

Central Pollution Control Board

Publication Division of Government of India

National Environmental Engineering Research Institute