Advancement of science and the foundations of scientific profession require sharing of knowledge to all. Publication of scientific research in journal i.e., Energy Environment & Health Conservation: An International Journal (EEHC Journal) is one of the fundamental activity of Towards Nature. Towards Nature is a Corporate Social responsibility Activity of VCERT Management Services Pvt Ltd. under which Towards Nature serves scientists’ & technologists’ communities, involved in the field of Energy, Environment and Human Healthcare Conservation and awareness. Central to this service are certain responsibilities that editors, authors and reviewers, linked to EEHC Journal have to maintain i.e., the highly ethical standard relating to the publication of manuscripts in good quality scientific journals.

Towards Nature promotes awareness and understanding of science, technology linked with Energy-Environment interaction, health Conservation and sustainable development. Acting as links between the planners, administrators, technologists and scientific community, who finally advise the governments on critical issues. Importantly they serve as forums for interaction among scientists and technologists within and outside the country.

EEHC Journal encompass manuscripts in all branches of Environment,
Energy and its related sub - disciplines like :

  • -Environment Conservation,
  • -Sustainable development and policy issues,
  • -Environment Biology,
  • -Environmental chemistry,
  • -Environment health, safety and
  • -Environment quality,
  • -Pollution monitoring and controls,
  • -Energy conservation,
  • -Climate change,
  • -Energy conversion & management
  • -Health & Hospital Management
  • -Human Health improvement etc.

EEHC Journal has set its policy towards authenticity, quality & rapidly publication with the support of its panel of worthy reviewers and Editors’ team.

EEHC Journal is to be widely circulated with reputed research institutes, Universities and academic establishments.

Advantages of Publishing With EEHC

Higher Exposure right from the beginning
EEHC Journal
is published electronically initially and in its first two years journal will be delivered to all contributing and interested individuals as well to institutional subscribers through online via email/ through subscription.

EEHC Journal consider its major readers as the Industry-Academia group. All national and International Universities, major research institutions, including esteemed Institutes of Technology and Management and organisations with Energy-Environment interaction divisions, Health & Hospital management departments, will be given rights to access online upon request, and EEHC will be available in all major institutions’ libraries (once available in print), ENVIS and Centre’s with interest in Energy, Environment, Human Health and hospital management.

EEHC Journal provides an easy and convenient online submission system i.e., for faster and less time consuming in submission, review and publication. Our Technical reviewers are experts in the field of Energy-Environment-Health Conservation and transparent and independent to make their decision as reviewers. (Review Policy)

International Edition: EEHC– An International Journal is available on world wide web from very its first issue.

Publication Fee

The publication processing fee for a research paper is nominal to support the publication team efforts. The author/corresponding author will get one e-print copy. However, the author may order for additional print copy once the journal begins its printing version. The charge for each additional print copy will be decided later. The publication fee is charged only for accepted paper. The author/corresponding author has to pay the publication as per the method determined by the executive editor. The author will get official receipt of publication fee with proper seal and signature.